The different highly automated industrial processes 

require security elements that guarantee their effectiveness. Our holograms help with their functions in various industrial processes such as:

Automotive industry: Control and validation of spare parts, device assurance. Industry,

Gas and Pipeline:Holographic seal, sleeve of gas bottles, seal gas valves, sleeve bottles with product tracking and others.

Food Industry: The holographic label raised record sales (within the food market) with certain products, whose regulatory council has relied on the hologram for its empowerment.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Holography can be embedded in caps, pills blister and labels. The solutions cover a wide variety of possibilities that provide security and compliance with any of its directives relating to medicine.

Entertainment Industry: Security holograms are widely used, both in audiovisual production products and events, constituting key elements of tickets and accreditations. We still have many other industries that use it in vertical applications of some of their processes.