State and regulatory

The hologram incorporation 

in certain processes of the administrations and different departments of the States it improves the governance, simplifying in an easy way the verification in its daily application.

Its application not only requires knowledge and experience in the holography field, but also an understanding and skill given the complexity of its application. Holograms are found every day in paper money, but its use extends its application to other assumptions such as:

-Business help.

-Control of license plates for vehicles (something that our holograms already do in different countries).

-Concessions and Authorizations.

-Administrative Licenses.

-Registration Certificates.

-Inspection distinctives.

- Unitary control labels, products subject to regulation.

-Visas, Assistance flyers.

- Quality assurance in Health and Medicine.

And a long list of possibilities for what we suggest you to ask us about your need or concern, of any project you need.